Maria Pau

Coach, Speaker, Researcher

Maria has persevered through her recovery from spending 25 years in depression, anxiety, addictions and bipolar. She has written about her tumultous journey within several no. 1 best sellers, highlighting spiritual practices that catapulted her to wholeness.

She is currently a PhD candidate studying the efficacy of holistic metaphysical coaching for those with polydrug use issues, co-morbid with depression and anxiety. Having completed her postgraduate degree from the University of QLD, specialising in the field of alcohol, tobacco and drugs studies, she is also an avid consumer of self-development workshops and intellectual pursuits such as attendance to numerous workshops by Anthony Robbins, John Demartini, Chris Howard and Jack Canfield and awarded several degrees, diplomas and certificates in psychology and philosophy, linguistics, workshop training, fitness, business, counselling and community services.

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