Xavier Eales


Xavier Eales is a 17 year old high school graduate whose talents lay mainly in the classroom. He comes from a very supportive and stable family in the inner west of Sydney, and was privileged enough to go to a wonderful school on Sydney’s north shore. He winds the hours of his days down by listening to a plethora of music, browsing the net and tutoring younger students. In the future, he hopes to pursue his interests of commerce, law and Chinese into whatever vocational path that leads him. Despite all of this, his teenager years were plagued by an unrelenting mental pain for which he could draw no cause.

On Wednesday the 22nd of July, he took a leap of faith. It came time to reveal the project which he’d codenamed ‘The Speech’ to the College on ‘Men For Others Day’. Only those closest to him knew the full extent of what The Speech would entail – a confession of his struggles with depression, and a subsequent plea for those feeling the same way to seek help and for everyone else to look out for those who may be suffering and hiding it. HIs intentions for making the presentation were convoluted even to himself. One thing he knew for sure was that he wouldn’t allow himself to leave the school without having done it, since the words he had written would have saved his Year 8 self, years of pain, and he could only hope that saying them now would save just one other person from undergoing the same adversity.

In the days, weeks and months since, he has been privileged to have become the close friend of many who share with my struggles. Moving forward into the future, he hopes this condition can be better understood, managed and accepted

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