About us

About Healthy ME Summits:

The team from Healthy ME is leading the way in providing a cutting edge integrative health and wellness information platform available to the consumer digitally.

Our intention is to provide listeners and viewers with the most up to date education, information, solutions and personal experiences to inspire and empower their quest for optimal health and wellness.

The 7 Pillars of Health

All the Healthy ME Summits will focus on the Summit topic through the lenses of the following 7 Pillars of Health:

Healthy ME Summits is an Australian owned company. We are supported by the power of free to air TV channel 4ME and Australia’s leading digital health channel “Healthy ME”.

Our Mission:

“Adding Quality Years To Your Life”

To create a ‘Rally Cry’ so strong we have individuals from all over the world wanting to share and rally others to be a part of our vision.

Let’s create a virtual army of passionate consumers working to spread the “ Healthy ME message.

Our Vision:

Empowering, inspiring and educating mass numbers of people by sharing the 7 Pillars of Health in relation to the summit they tune in to. Exploring cutting edge science and wisdom from the brightest and most brilliant minds in the field of medicine, neuroscience, nutrition, movement and meditation. The Healthy ME Summits empower individuals to not only build their own health and vitality, but to expand and share their knowledge, ultimately impacting and sharing with their own families, friends and communities, and encouraging their communities to empower an expanding wave of people beyond them.

1.Nutrition and Hydration

The building blocks for the body and mind. Your food choices and how you hydrate yourself impact how you think and feel, how rapidly you age and how you interpret life events.

2. Movement and Breathing

Be it the physical movement of your body and its many functions or the movement of your thoughts through your breath, movement is fundamental for learning, development and growth. Life ceases to exist without it.

3. Mindset and Mindfulness

You are what you think – you are a living magnet and you inevitably attract into your life the people, circumstances, ideas, events and resources in harmony with your dominant thoughts. And thus you have the capacity to manage your “stress response” by learning to consciously self regulate your autonomic nerves system.

4. States of Relatedness

Your relationship to self is reflected in and projected onto significant others, family and community. Choosing to make peace with the past to live fully in the present requires you to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is absolutely at the core of your deepest fear, shame, anxiety, and difficult emotions but it is also the birth place of joy, love, belonging, creativity, faith, everything you need to live a fulfilled and meaningful life.

5. Circadian Rhythms

Sleep and rest are the most powerful anabolic forces of nature. The most powerful healing aid you possess. Learning how to improve the quality of your sleep for optimal physical, mental and emotional repair of your body is essential.

6. Your Environment – Internal & External

Your internal and external environments influence each other. Epigenetics is the study of cellular and physiological changes to your genes expression caused by environmental factors. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is impacted by both your internal and external environments.

7. Life Path and Spiritual Practice

In pursuit of living a life filled with meaning and purpose. We may fall upon our life path through conscious intention or through a tragedy or illness or other adversity. Whether through a chosen faith or deity or connection to nature, or a force greater than you, ultimately the ongoing quest for calm abidance and contentment from within is cultivated by living authentically with a dedicated practice that opens our hearts and minds to experiencing the truth that we are all connected whatever that is for you.